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‘Doom for Doom’ Mod Arrives in July

Since the very beginning, Doom has relied on a balance of fluid movement and satisfying gunplay that form the core of the series’ wide appeal and incredible staying power. Its latest incarnation successfully preserved that balance, improving it in small ways, with Glory Kills and alternate firing modes for its arsenal of weapons. The latter is now being preserved by the creators of the upcoming Doom for Doom mod, which brings the arsenal from the reboot to the first two Doom games.

Why would someone do such a thing? Because the team behind it were impressed by modder Neccronixis, who remade the weapons from the new game using the retro aesthetics of the originals. “They were too good to not be put to use.”

They were right, as you’re about to see in this new teaser for the mod that’s currently expected to hit PC on July 18 — 6 + 6 + 6, har har — where it will bring the reboot’s arsenal with a retro look and their secondary fire modes, in addition to an optional double-jump, and improved gore effects.

For more Doom goodness, I highly recommend you have a look at Tyler’s awesome (and lengthy) piece on the origins of the newest game. More details can be found in the ZDoom forums.




  • alwayswipetwice

    Any love for console versions or is this greatness only for the OG PC community?

    • NixEclips

      Yeah, there’s no link to any other info. Just a link to an older article.

      • Sorry about that! I’ve updated the article so it’s a little more helpful. As for your question, this is an unofficial mod for PC only.

        • alwayswipetwice

          Ah, serious bummer. Pretty bullshit that we didn’t get the original Dooms to begin with (I know it was in the BFG Edition of 3, but still). Thanks for the update though!

          • NixEclips

            Don’t have a pc?

          • alwayswipetwice

            It’s old and I don’t use it for gaming. I don’t play too much nowadays anyway, but Doom was one I had to get. Just would be nice if they gave more love to consoles. From what I read, the upcoming Skyrim console remaster will have mods.

          • James Allard

            That would be a truly awesome DLC for the BFG/3. Wonder if they would listen if we begged… or threaten to kill their kittens? (I but jest, I love cats.)

        • NixEclips

          Thanks, Dodd!

  • Weresmurf


  • James Allard

    Yes. Just… yes.

  • aNYagenda


    Some of these retro hackers are extremely creative and talented and deserve respect.

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