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‘Doom’ Adds Two New Multiplayer Modes Today



Last month at E3, Bethesda took some time to detail what the next few months of post-launch support would look like for id Software’s acclaimed Doom reboot. Some nifty-looking multiplayer content is being saved for the Unto the Evil DLC, while the rest is expected to arrive via a steady drip-feed of free content updates that started on June 30 with the addition of a photo mode and the option to toggle “classic” (centered) weapon placement.

When the second update rolls out today, it will introduce the Sector and Exodus multiplayer modes — the former is a capture and hold mode, the latter is a twist on capture the flag — while the SnapMap level editor gets even more robust, thanks to its shiny new Hell modules, Launch Pads and the story campaign’s fancy weapon wheel.

But wait, there’s more! Unto the Evil will be available Aug 5, and it’ll come with a veritable cornucopia of content, including three multiplayer maps, a UAC EMG Pistol and the playable “Harvester” demon. It will also add a nifty new idea called PartyPlay, and that may be the best part, as it allows players to join their friends on the DLC maps without having to purchase them.

“If a DLC map comes up as part of the rotation, you and your party can play just as you have with the game’s original multiplayers maps,” explains a post on the Doom Steam page. “Conversely, if you have purchased the premium DLC pack, anyone in your party can play any of the maps from the DLC as long as they’re with you.”

Today is the first in a celebratory Double XP Weekend, so I hope you won’t be offended when I request that you go to Hell — and don’t forget to save me a spot.


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