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‘Resident Evil 0’ HD Still Going Strong With 1.1M Sold



I imagine it must’ve felt pretty darn good when the folks at Capcom realized they could take any of their “classic” titles — i.e. any game that hasn’t made money in at least a decade — and after applying the minimal amount of polish required to justify the ‘HD’ in the title, they’ll still sell at least another million copies. I wonder if the way Capcom felt that day is at all comparable to the way the company’s last two HD re-releases made me feel as I slowly came to realize that a very big part of me is actually looking forward to the reveal of the inevitable next Resident Evil remaster.

The last two games from the pre-Resident Evil 4 era to return with an HD in the title were objectively two of the best that Capcom has produced thus far. They’ve also sold well, with Resident Evil HD boasting 1.3M in sales, followed closely by Resident Evil 0 HD at 1.1M — an impressive jump from 800k back in May.

I’m eager to see which game Capcom returns to next. The second or third games in the series seem like the most obvious candidates, but their age would make them both more challenging, and costly, to update. The remake and its prequel weren’t as dated, and they each came from more modern platforms.

There’s also the Resident Evil 2 remake to consider, as well as to help remind us that Resident Evil 3 has become the neglected red-headed step child of the family — the core family, not the extended one that includes a great many red-headed step children. So I’ll leave it to you. Which Resident Evil would you like to see be remastered next?

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