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Casting Call Reveals New “Scream” Characters



MTV is going back to the drawing board with their next insatllment of their “Scream” television series, announcing of a new showrunner (“The Vampire Diaries‘” Brett Matthews) and a new pack of executive producers (including Queen Latifah!). Now, TVline has a casting breakdown of the diverse characters that needs their roles filled.

* First up is Dion, a Michael B. Jordan-esque football player on track to score a college scholarship — that is, until a masked killer uses Dion’s darkest secrets against him, turning his life upside down and making him question his own sanity.

* Liv is Dion’s cheerleader girlfriend, as beautiful as she is brilliant. She’s also down to lend a helping hand where needed, though her good intentions often land her in hot water.

* Kym is the rebellious one of the group, always willing to say what everyone else is thinking. She’s organized and protective, two qualities that will serve her well when a killer starts targeting her friends.

* Beth is a little different from her fellow seniors, sporting a goth look and a morbid collection of interests. A “walking encyclopedia of all things horror,” she’s compared to The Craft‘s Fairuza Balk.

* And then there’s Dion’s step-brother Jamal. Despite hanging out with a rough crowd, he’s got a big heart and an undying loyalty to Dion.

The new season will feature a new cast, storyline and location, and THR originally noted that it will be “less white” and “more inclusive” than what we’ve seen from the series so far. They write, “the series looks to put a new spin on a proved concept that has not been embraced on the small screen.”