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This Fan Just Built the World’s Largest Freddy Krueger Glove



How big is the biggest Freddy glove? FOUR. FEET. TALL.

We’ve recently shown you some pretty awesome custom-made Freddy Krueger gloves, including highly unique ones inspired by Re-Animator and Hellraiser. Both gloves were the handiwork of Mark Phillips, who runs prop-making company Nightmares Unlimited.

Mark specializes in “hardcore props for hardcore fans,” and it doesn’t get much more hardcore than his human-sized Freddy Krueger glove!

Measuring 4-feet tall, this bad boy was recently crowned World’s Largest Freddy Glove by Nightmare Relics, and as Mark explained to us, “it was made to draw attention to [the Nightmares Unlimited] booth at conventions.” But that’s not the only reason.

Mark continued, expressing his passion for pushing his props to new levels: “like many of our concepts, it hadn’t been done before.”

The glove will be featured at the upcoming Scarefest in Kentucky as part of a special photo-op with Robert Englund, running September 29th through October 1st.

You can check out in-progress shots of the build over on Nightmares Unlimited!

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