Neill Blomkamp Reflects On His 'Aliens' Sequel That Almost Was - Bloody Disgusting
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Neill Blomkamp Reflects On His ‘Aliens’ Sequel That Almost Was



We *almost* got a better ending to Ellen Ripley’s story.

With his new venture Oats Studios officially launched and in motion, it’s pretty safe to say that Neill Blomkamp has moved on from the Aliens sequel he almost made. As for the fans of the franchise, well, it’s also pretty safe to say that they’ll be asking him about the unmade movie for a long time to come.

Blomkamp doesn’t have much more to say about the aborted project than what he’s already said, but a new chat Funhaus did reveal something pretty interesting. As it turns out, Blomkamp’s Alien film didn’t actually begin its life as a continuation of Ripley’s story, but rather as a new tale about a new character set in the wake of Aliens.

“I met Sigourney on Chappie and I had a different idea for an Alien film I wanted to make. So I had this idea for a story set in the world of those two first films that was not a continuation of James Cameron’s,” Blomkamp explained, digging into the genesis of the project. “It was just in the world of it and it had a totally different character that was the lead character. Because my assumption was that Sigourney would just never make another one. I told her about it on Chappie and she was like ‘No, no, no! I actually would make another one because I felt like Ripley’s story didn’t end correctly.’

He continued, “So I went back to Vancouver and while I was editing Chappie I started to think about what I would do with Sigourney as basically a sequel to James Cameron’s film. I spent about a year working on it with only Sigourney knowing and I hired one really awesome concept artist. We put together essentially a script and all the artwork and that’s what I went to 20th Century Fox with. They seemed really into it and Ridley [Scott] came on as producer and then it just unraveled.”

As for what exactly happened from there, Blomkamp strongly hinted at what we already know to be true: it was Ridley Scott who ultimately killed the film.

It’s very difficult to speak about on several levels because Ridley created Alien. It was something that inspired me deeply. I got into film because of it,” Blomkamp explained. “Everything that happened with my script and with the way the film collapsed – it’s hard to talk about it without it seeming like I’m bashing him which is like one of my idols to get into film. It’s a super strange psychological place but films go down in Hollywood all the time. That’s just essentially, I think, what happened and it sucks for me. It’s not that it sucks for Sigourney, it’s not going to make any difference to her, but I think she really did like the story because it allowed Ripley to… it really felt like a cool third film.”

For now, Blomkamp’s sequel is deader than dead. But I suppose you never know…

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