Burnt Zombie Child Halloween Costume Sparks Outrage in U.K. - Bloody Disgusting
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Burnt Zombie Child Halloween Costume Sparks Outrage in U.K.



Image Source: Escapade

Parents have slammed retailers for selling a “Burnt Zombie Child” Halloween costume for young children, reports the Mirror, adding that it comes in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

At least 18 children died in a horrifying inferno with experts warning tens of thousands of youngsters across the UK have been left traumatized by the disaster. This, of course, led to the outrage over the “Burnt Zombie Child” costume.

It’s important to note, however, that the tragedy occurred this past June. Retailers put in orders for their Halloween products as early as a year before and as late as April, which means these costumes are in no way a direct reference to the horrific loss of life. If anything, it’s bad timing and to purchase one would be in poor taste. Thus, parents are fighting to have the costume banned. A survey by of 1,006 parents (source?) found that as many as 99% would not let their child wear the zombie child design, anyhow.

Image Source: Escapade