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Complete Your Halloween Costumes With These Replica Film Jackets



It’s September, and that means Halloween is right around the corner (don’t lie, some of you thought the same thing). A few weeks back, we showed off a store that sold replica leather jackets, including one that replicated Leon’s Resident Evil 6 jacket. And while California and UK-based Film Jackets doesn’t do video games, they do handle film and TV shows.

Like the upcoming Venom starring Tom Hardy.

With the film scheduled for release October 5th in the US, Film Jackets has a couple of Venom-inspired items, including replicating Eddie Brock’s jacket in the film, as well as those promo shirts featuring Venom’s head behind a giant V.

You can also find items such as Ryan Gosling’s coat from Blade Runner 2049, a take on Negan’s jacket from The Walking Dead, Ghost Rider’s jacket from Agents of Shield, a couple of jackets from Riverdale, and even Chris Pratt’s vest from Jurassic World. They even have Jared Leto’s ivory tux from his role as The Joker in Suicide Squad, if you’re so inclined.

Click here to get started on your Halloween costume.

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