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Last Night’s Chilling “The Exorcist” Twist Explained



That creepy little girl with the mask just became so much creepier.

FOX’s “The Exorcist” has a way of going places you never expected it to, most notably with the totally unexpected Season 1 reveal that Geena Davis’ Angela Rance was actually Regan MacNeil from the original film! Almost exactly one year later, the show has once again blown our minds with a crazy twist.

Throughout the first four episodes we’ve gotten to know Grace (Amélie Eve), a little girl at Andrew’s (John Cho) foster home who’s not exactly like the other kids. Grace has severe agoraphobia, refusing to leave the house or even interact with her brothers and sisters. Oh and Grace often likes to hide her face by wearing a handmade pillow mask.

*This is your spoiler warning*

So what’s the deal with Grace? Well, last night’s episode ended with the totally out of left field reveal that… Grace isn’t actually real. Yeah, they Sixth Sense‘d us.

In the chilling final moments of Episode 4, titled ‘One for Sorrow,’ Verity (Brianna Hildebrand) went upstairs to what we had thought was Grace’s bedroom, discovering a room loaded with creepy artwork and rotten food. Suddenly it all made sense why Grace only talked to Andy: only Andy can see her, and the room appears normal only to him.

As creator Jeremy Slater explained on Twitter after the episode last night, the idea here is that Grace is merely the form a demon has taken to seduce and possess Andy.

So for anyone asking why we haven’t had a demonic ‘Salesman’ this season, there’s your answer,” Slater tweeted. “She’s been here all along.”

After a one week hiatus, “The Exorcist” is sure to be crazier than ever when it returns to FOX on Friday, November 3. Slater promises a “monster of an episode“!

Preview ‘There But for the Grace of God, Go I’ below.