Blow Away Demon Hordes with Hellgore in 'Hellbound' Teaser - Bloody Disgusting
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Blow Away Demon Hordes with Hellgore in ‘Hellbound’ Teaser



The 90s PC FPS craze was a fun time, even though it was a “me-too” thing that spawned from Doom. Still, the threadbare plots and over-the-top protagonists were a thing of beauty in their own right. Like classic B-Movie horror films.

Argentinian developer Saibot Studios (makers of the Doorways series) certainly thinks so, as they’ve released a new teaser trailer for their throwback to the 90s FPS heyday in Hellbound. The short-but-sweet trailer doesn’t do much other than reveal the Hellbound’s protagonist in Hellgore, a massively-muscled and scarred individual with a huge gun, talking about blowing away demons. Sounds about right.

While the game’s release date for PC is “soon”, you can head over to the game’s website to sign up for the Closed Beta, which will include a Survival Mode where players are pitted against large hordes of denizens from hell to mow down. Saibot Studios plans to include a single-player campaign and multiplayer in the later versions of the game.