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‘Forbidden Forgiveness’ Promises sweet Psychological Tension in 2018



I’m not the only one out there who’s a sucker for psychological horror. How else could a series like Silent Hill be so beloved by fans (despite certain companies’ “directions” with regards to the franchise). Which is probably why developer geekymouse’s upcoming first person effort Forbidden Forgiveness has piqued my interest.

Set for release later this year on PC (with a PlayStation 4 and XBox One release coming later), not much has been revealed about the specifics of the story. What is known that Forbidden Forgiveness will have the player navigating multiple dimensions as they progress through the game, and which they’ll be able to travel between at any time. Depending on what the player does in each dimension will affect the game’s ending, of which there are multiple.

The game will also have a puzzle element to it in addition to combat. In fact, the two will come together at some points. Not only will you be solving a puzzle to, say, open a door, but you’ll also have to use puzzles to beat the enemies themselves. Of course, to up the tension, you’re punished during this “puzzle combat” if you get the wrong solution. There’s also the option to run, which brings the tension up higher.

Right now, all we have is the teaser, which does offer a glimpse into the potential the game has with playing with tension, and messing with the player’s head. Hopefully we get more info on the game later on in the year.

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