Theft of 'Friday The 13th: The Game' Kickstarter Content Codes Discovered - Bloody Disgusting
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Theft of ‘Friday The 13th: The Game’ Kickstarter Content Codes Discovered



In spite of all the hard work that Gun Media has put into Friday The 13th: The Game (and the resulting accolades), there are some that want to ruin it for everyone. It’s come to light on the game’s Reddit page that someone was selling codes for Kickstarter backer-exclusive content for the game on eBay. Namely, that awesome Tom Savini skin. Gun Media’s Daniel Nixon responded to the post, stating that Gun Media has investigated these sales, and that in doing so discovered “a theft at one of [Gun Media’s] distribution partners,” which led to these codes being sold.

According to Nixon, it was initially assumed that it was “a fan who got in early and purchased extra keys”. However, upon investigation, the theft was discovered. Gun Media has worked to rectify the situation, however, “both [Gun Media] and the [distribution partner] were unaware of the digital portion of the theft until these auctions were brought to our attention.” As a result, Gun Media “will be cancelling any unredeemed codes that have been affected by this theft.” Translation: None of the remaining unclaimed Kickstarter codes will work with the game.

It’s not clear whether the thief was a Gun Media employee, or if they were an employee at Limited Run Games (who sold physical copies of the game). Regardless, it seems that person or persons has effectively screwed fans over for donating. Sad.