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Full Reveal of Tom Savini’s Hellfire Jason Voorhees From the “Friday the 13th” Game!

We never got to see what is was like for Jason Voorhees when he was dragged to Hell, but as we previously reported, Tom Savini dreamed up what he might have looked like after escaping the clutches of Satan.

Gun Media, who is gearing up to release “Friday the 13th: The Game”, just shared the full reveal of Savini’s new design that lights a fire behind Jason’s eyes, and arms him with the Devil’s pitchfork. You can see unmasked images here.

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This version of Jason was offered as a pre-order only item on Backerkit, and as a reward for Kickstarter backers (at appropriately listed tier).

Savini, of course, designed the original Jason, seen in Friday the 13th (1980), as well as The Final Chapter‘s Jason.

Check out a fan’s recreation of the design right here.

Gun Media and developer Illfonic’s “Friday the 13th: The Game”, initially announced as “Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp”, was funded through Kickstarter back in 2015 and was set for release this month. Lucky for those who took part in the campaign at they’ll have early access to beta before the year’s end that will include a code for keys to make it sharable with 4 additional friends.

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In addition, according to IGN, the game’s full multiplayer component will become available in early 2017 and include Tommy Jarvis as a playable character. Movie setting Packanack Lodge will also be included in this release as a third playable map. This initial release will be followed by the full Summer 2017 release of the single-player component, including AI Bots.

Players who pre-order the game in digital or physical form will receive the single player component at no additional charge, adds the site.



  • Chris Genth

    I preordered!!!!!

  • Otterlee

    Pitchfork through the skull! I approve this game.

  • lv99ron

    AHHHHH WHAT THE HELL??? Why did they close pre-orders on the game?

    • lgb

      So they could get all the orders out once they’re ready, which is apparently soon since they’re on the home stretch.

  • ShadowInc

    Ghost Rider Jason.

  • Weresmurf

    I’m looking forward to this game a lot, but that’s the first video I’ve seen where the animations and textures got me worried? The woman didn’t look motion captured and the textures on her were like something from 2001? I’m still looking forward to it though quite a bit, after all I’m still loving Dead By Daylight and that has these very issues too…

    • Blade4693

      Honestly all of the footage I have seen has me a bit worried. I swear it looks almost like a 360/PS3 game.

      • Bleenx

        Seriously? It worries you? You’re worried about the look of a game? Guess I should get my priorities right in life because I’m worried about all the wrong things then.

        • Blade4693

          Idk if I should even bother responding to this but I guess I will. You know what I mean, worried in the context of caring about game being good, of course there is real life stuff that I actually worry about and in reality a video game is not important even a little bit.

  • Horrible Day

    Particles are particool

  • Darkknight2149

    That is amazing! I wish the movies were still this good. New Line gets the rights in 2018. If they announced a reboot with Tom Savini and Kane Hodder, I would completely geek out.

    • Jason’s disciple

      Actually the rights and the license to the f13 franchise will revert back to the original people which is Mr.Sean S.Cunningham and Mr.Victor Miller in 2018 so get ready because we are all in for a treat in 2018 and beyond!

      • Stan Below

        You’re lying, scum. According to my personal petitioners, in 2018, the rights will go to Ronnie Yu. Then Miller and Cunningham will go in the ass, and Ronnie Yu will shoot the film, as he wants.

  • Bobby Jones

    i wouldn’t want to run into that in a dark alley

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Pretty cool

  • DarkBree

    Awesome!! I want this game so badly.

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