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Escape Your Cardboard Prison in Roguelike ‘Paper Cut Mansion’



UK-based dev Space Lizard Studio today revealed the trailer for their upcoming roguelike-puzzler, Paper Cut Mansion. Drawing inspiration from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, the game’s “papercraft” aesthetic is certainly striking. Of course, looks aren’t everything, as the game also borrows from the bleakness of titles like Limbo, creating an atmosphere that’s unique as it is creepy.

The story goes that you’re trapped inside a paper prison of a mansion, where you must solve riddles, tackle puzzles and battle the mansion’s inhabitants in an attempt to find out just how and why you’re there.

The idea for the game came from team member Gabriele Caruso, who was in the process of moving home, and was surrounded by cardboard boxes. “The emptiness of the new house, and being surrounded by cardboard boxes, made me think that being alone with them was one of the most terrifying things,” says Caruso. “It was like a maze. This is how we came up with the concept, the fear of the darkness of the unknown in a cardboardish atmosphere.”

To achieve the art style, Space Lizard created real-life cardboard models, and then scanned them into 3D modelling software, blemishes and all. It’s these defects that the team says gives Paper Cut Mansion its unique and unsettling atmosphere.

While the game is currently in production, the team hopes to have a crowdfunding campaign announced later this year to add more features and quality to the game. For more screenshots and info, head over to the game’s official site.

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