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‘The Forest’ to Exit Early Access, Release in April



We mentioned Endnight Games’ The Forest in our list of games to look forward to this year, and while that 2018 release date hasn’t been clarified yet, the team recently announced that the game is headed out of Early Access on Steam, with a tentative release date “towards the end of April”. This also signals that the PlayStation 4 release won’t be far behind.

In that same post, the team elaborated on the progress and details of the game, saying that with the current release of 0.73, the game is still $14.99 USD. Once 1.0 hits, that price will jump to $19.99. Also, the team are implementing improvements such as more language and controller support, as well as tweaking certain game mechanics like the cold and warmth system. New buildables will be added, as well as improvements to multiplayer.

The team will also have “some really crazy and fun surprises in store” for players, especially in regards to the game’s ending. Of course, the post leaves it at that to generate buzz, but come on. Any game that has you surviving cannibals in the forest by building your own base has to grab your attention.

As a result of the push to get the game ready for April, they’ll be ending the smaller patch releases in order to focus on Release Candidates. To read up on the full list of fixes/changes, you can head here to the game’s official site.


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