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Snoop Dogg Will “Thrill” Us In Return to Horror



After starring in Bones for New Line Cinema, Snoop Dogg was also the centerpiece of Stacy Title’s 2006 horror anthology Hood of Horror. He’s returning to the genre once again The Thrill, an anthology series that centers on a mysterious hotel, The Last Stop Inn, situated on a lonely stretch of foreboding highway, where the unlucky guests who check in each week struggle to understand the supernatural events that unfold during their stay.

“Something dark lurks behind the façade of this roadside motor lodge… something even the macabre cast of regular employees can’t quite explain… an unsettling puzzle new guests slowly piece together during each episode that answers the question: Why have they been inexplicably drawn to The Last Stop Inn? Through a series of flashbacks, each new guest remembers how they arrived and through this story, the guest comes to the horrific realization: The Last Stop Inn is a gateway between Heaven and Hell – a Purgatory in which the guest has been trapped because of something they did… and the fate of that guest’s soul is determined over the course of the episode.”

Producer Deon Taylor and his Hidden Empire Film Group have launched a new shingle, Dark Circus, that will produce on film and television content aimed towards urban audiences, with a focus on the comedy and horror genres, writes THR.

“We have the resources and market expertise to deliver branded content with a unique voice – one that speaks to an urban audience. I won’t say that this market is underserved, as there are a great deal of films still finding their way to the marketplace. However, our intention is to raise the bar with Dark Circus and create an enduring brand,” said Taylor. “Partnering with Snoop on this first anthology series will have us coming out of the gates strong and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Snoop produced The Thrill, although it’s unclear if he’ll also star.


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