[E3 2018] 'Overwhelm' Mixes Pixel Gore And Hard as Hell Difficulty - Bloody Disgusting
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[E3 2018] ‘Overwhelm’ Mixes Pixel Gore And Hard as Hell Difficulty



Fans of the pixelated gorefest platformer Butcher have a new game to sate their need for plasma in the form of Untitled Publisher’s Overwhelm, which is actually available right now! Rendered almost entirely in black and red, Overwhelm takes a cue from Butcher in its difficulty: It’s hard. Not only that, it’s a feast for the ears with its sound effects and music, which effectively capture the tension during the game. It’s rendered even more suspenseful when there’s no sound at all!

The story for the game has you as a knight sent by a nameless group to fight an alien menace. You need to kill the five bosses located around the map, collect the crystals they drop, and bring them back to the device at the heart of the map. Sounds simple, right? Well, with one-hit deaths, that’s not as simple as it would seem. Even then, the game ups the ante whenever you die: Your field of view decreases with each death. Did I mention that you only have three lives?

If you’re the hardcore type, Overwhelm is for you.


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