A 'Devil May Cry' Animated Series in the Works From the Executive Producer of Netflix's 'Castlevania' - Bloody Disgusting
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A ‘Devil May Cry’ Animated Series in the Works From the Executive Producer of Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’



Capcom’s Devil May Cry will join a ‘multiverse’ as Adi Shankar, Executive Producer of Netflix’s Castlevania series, has announced a Devil May Cry animated series is currently in the works.

Rumors were rife that it would be a series based on The Legend of Zelda or Metroid, but instead, it’s another slice of Gothic monster slaying with a cool and cocky protagonist.

Speaking with IGN, Shankar confirmed the news, and added that Devil May Cry will join Castlevania in what he calls a ‘bootleg multiverse’.

Shankar acquired the rights himself, so that, as he puts it, ”the jabronis in Hollywood don’t fuck this one up too.” This should result in a pretty heavy amount of creative freedom.

He also goes on to credit the success of Castlevania Season 2 as a big reason he was able to get Devil May Cry off the ground. Castlevania has recently been approved for a third season by Netflix.

There are no more details on what the series’ plot will be or which characters will appear, but if it’s even half as good as Castlevania, then it should be entertaining. Who to voice Dante though?



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