Review: 'Deadly Class' #4 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: ‘Deadly Class’ #4



Marcus and Willie recover from their adventure into the city by way of a hallucinogenic quest to Las Vegas to kill Billy’s Dad. “Deadly Class” #4 is one helluva trip, man!

DeadlyClass_04-1WRITTEN BY: Rick Remender

ART BY: Wes Craig


PRICE: $3.50

RELEASE: April 30, 2014


We should all take a moment to revel in the fact that Rick Remender consistently delivers insanely paced issues of fun and madness month to month on four separate books without a slight dip in quality. Yet, you can’t help but think a little of Dr. Mindbubble from Captain America beld into this issue of “Deadly Class.”

Turns out last month’s murder wasn’t justified. At least not in the eyes of the school. So the punishment is sitting in solitary confinement for a month, only according to the other kids at the school, no one actually does that shit. So instead Willie is rescued and taken to Las Vegas with a bag of drugs big enough to make Hunter S Thompson jealous.

With his new reputation as a stone cold killer in place, Willie is looking to make a name for himself. So naturally he does this by taking way too much acid. The young mind and drugs don’t seem to mix that well, and the result is a wild trip down a sun soaked highway with a bunch of teens tripping balls. It’s rowdy, fun, and bound to have serious consequences. Remender reminds us by having someone tail the kids the entire issue, and moves around in time to show us that this wasn’t a good idea at all.

Wes Craig is left alone to play this month, and succeeds with literal flying colors. His style warps and waves around the page playfully demonstrating the effects of the many drugs being used. He also takes time to pay around with the conventional paneling of the book and lets the lettering fill the negative space left open by his art. The entire experience is a feast for the eyes that plays around with the conventions we’ve come to expect about page layout. It’s beautiful and thought provoking.

Craig really shines in some larger crowd scenes this month. He is able to articulate a vast group of people and juxtapose it with panels of intimacy between two characters sharing secrets as they push through a sea of people. I was actually so stunned I had to go back through the page a number of times just to take it all in.

The overall story is pushed forward ever so slightly, but it is really Willie that takes the spotlight here. We get to see how he deals with death, and what it’s like to be behind a murder. Its still unclear as to which way he’ll fall, and if this will become a regular thing, but the cracks in these kids are becoming more clear with each passing month. None of them are who they said they were, and none of them are the resident badass they want to be.


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