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[Comic Review] “Nailbiter” #12 Is Solid & Shocking



“Nailbiter” #12 is another solid entry in the saga, filled with twists, reveals, and a few real good shocks. Buckroo’s serial killer mythology is expanded with the tale of a killer we haven’t seen up until this point, one that’s sure to horrify as much as it is hilarious. We’re also given the smallest of peaks into Buckaroo’s deepest darkest secrets. Every tidbit of info only creates a larger, more intricate, whirlwind of questions and mysteries.


WRITTEN BY: Joshua Williamson

ART BY: Mike Henderson

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

PRICE: $2.99

RELEASE: May 6th, 2015

Pastor Fairgold opens the book this month, ominously asking forgiveness for what he “must do today.” Fairgold’s always been a sketchy, borderline sinister character, but this cements it. He’s got an agenda and we won’t have to wait long to see the fruits of his machinations. Without skipping a beat after his dubious side is exposed Williamson immediately injects a good dose of humanity into him. Don’t forget, his son Hank died a few issues back and Fairgold’s wife has not taken it well at all. She is in a deep state of denial about the whole ordeal and cannot come to grips with her son’s death. It adds another layer to what could’ve been a bland one-note character.

From there we’re taken to Sheriff Crane’s house, where a majority of this issue takes place. While she’s cutting up vegetables for a stew she accidentally nicks the tip of her finger just as Finch and the Nailbiter himself, Warren show up at her door. It’s a nice touch that acts as a subtle induction of who’s come a knocking. Finch has brought Warren to continue his questioning/torture from last issue. He obviously doesn’t fully trust himself in this situation anymore.

With Finch’s history and how close he got to edge last month, you can’t blame him. But before they can begin anything there’s another knock at the door. Who’s behind the door and the mystery surrounding them is by far the most intriguing thing this issue. It’s so devilishly tantalizing that it almost hurts that we learn so little about it. It’s something I’m sure we’ll be in the dark about for months to come.

Nailbiter is consistently amazing and this month proves no exception.