You've Got to See This 'Jason Goes to Hell' Halloween Mask! - Bloody Disgusting
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You’ve Got to See This ‘Jason Goes to Hell’ Halloween Mask!



With the Friday the 13th calendar date falling in October this year there was sadly no cinematic helping of Jason Voorhees to slash the silver screen.  It’s mostly been the video game getting the glory with various re-imaginations of the moist maniac.

Now, director and FX master Steven Kostanski, who was behind The Void and ABCs of Death 2 – W is for Wish, has brought the blood with his Halloween costume.  Revitalised in fascination from playing said game, Kostanski set about the mask sculpt based on Jason Goes to Hell which he sites as triggering kinder trauma due to the bulging brain.  Donning the iconic overalls was Pierce Derks wh0 also made a costume change to appear as Tommy Jarvis at the same gathering!

Let’s hope the Kostanski and Derks’ combo continues and a new film is born from the depths of Lake Ontario!