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Artist Discovers Chucky’s Wedding at His Own!



We’re big fans of Patrick Carson Sparrow’s glooptasticly brilliant illustrations & were over the moon to hear he had tied the knot. Matching the awesomeness of his art it was only natural that his holy matrimony would follow theme. Interestingly enough, he shared the venue with another Good Guy, none other than Charles Lee Ray!

Take a look below at Chucky and Tiffany’s big day at Graceland Chapel and learn the story behind the shot.

“When you enter the foyer of the chapel where they have the reception desk they have a bunch of photos of famous people that were married there like Bon Jovi and Rob Zombie but of course the one that stands out to me as a horror fan was the picture of Chucky and Tiffany from Bride of Chucky. When me and my wife were looking into getting married we perused the chapel website and saw the pictures of famous people that had been married there and their testimonials. Oddly enough Chucky isn’t mentioned on their website or social media haha, maybe they don’t want to advertise that a murderous doll was married there to the public?”

“I asked the receptionist about it. She had said that they had filmed a scene for Bride of Chucky at the chapel where the two had tied the knot Vegas style, and Elvis was the efficient. Apparently, the scene didn’t make it into the movie but for continuity or for fun they married these two dolls.”

You can see more of Patrick’s art on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.


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