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Here’s All the Best “Stranger Things” Cosplay We Could Find!



Halloween costume goals abound in “Stranger Things”.

As reflected by all the incredible “Stranger Things” fan art we recently showed you, the fanbase for Netflix’s latest hit series is already massive, which is pretty crazy considering the show only hit the streaming service one month ago. The entire world, it seems, is obsessed with everything about the Duffer Brothers’ eight-episode love letter to ’80s nostalgia, and we’ve got a strong feeling that Halloween 2016 is going to be dominated by costumes of already beloved characters like Eleven, Mike, Dustin, and of course, the so-called Demogorgon.

But why wait until Halloween?!

At conventions across the country, as well as here on the internet, fans have already begun whipping up and showing off their best Stranger Things cosplay, and that makes us smile so wide that it honestly kind of hurts. Both children and adults alike have been celebrating Halloween early with their kickass Stranger Things costumes, and we wanted to show off our favorites.

If you’ve come across any that we missed, be sure to let us know!

aileen 3

Image Credit: Aileen Cosplay

aileen 4

Image Credit: Aileen Cosplay

aileens cosplay 2

Image Credit: Aileen Cosplay

aileens cosplay 3

Image Credit: Aileen Cosplay

aileens cosplay

Image Credit: Aileen Cosplay


Image Credit: Graveyard Sister

chaotic victory

Image Credit: Chaotic Victory

courtney doom

Image Credit: Courtney Doom

coyote king

Image Credit: Coyote King

goggles 84

Image Credit: Goggles94


Image Credit: Imgur


Image Credit: Trash Mud Quinn

sassy little bee

Image Credit: Sassy Little Bee

And just for fun… Barbie as Barb!

stranger things barbie

Image Credit: A Doll World After All

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