[Video] Morgan's Insane Practical Effects Kill from "The Walking Dead" Last Night - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Morgan’s Insane Practical Effects Kill from “The Walking Dead” Last Night



Morgan Jones just became Jason Voorhees.

Last night’s episode of “The Walking Dead, the premiere of Season 8’s second half, was of course all about Carl Grimes, the episode documenting the final moments of one of the few remaining characters who’s been with us since the beginning. As promised, Carl was definitively killed off in the episode… but he wasn’t the only one.

We’ll never forget Carl’s heartbreaking final moments, that’s for sure, but there was another thing in the episode, titled “Honor,” that will remain etched into our brains.

On a mission to save Ezekiel, Morgan and Carol broke into the Kingdom and laid waste to a handful of Saviors, mostly using guns and Morgan’s trusty death stick to do so. But the most brutal kill of the night, well, it was at the hands of Morgan’s… bare hands.

Morgan went full Voorhees for his final kill in the Kingdom, reaching into one of the Saviors’ bullet wounds and literally RIPPING HIS GUTS OUT WITH HIS BARE HANDS. It was the sort of kill that AMC likely would’ve edited out if it was actually in a Friday the 13th movie they were airing, brought to life with classic KNB practical effects.

Check out the kill below, along with a behind the scenes “making of” video!


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