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‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Just Shared an Intriguing Teaser Clue



They’re teasing something here. We’re just not sure what.

In addition to Friday the 13th: The Game getting a Playstation 4 and Xbox One release on Friday, October 13, we also know that a new patch is in the works that’ll bring smaller, deadlier maps into the game. What else is coming soon?

Through their Twitter and Facebook accounts today, the game’s developers posted the above image, without any caption or explanation. It shows seven black dots and one blue dot against a white background, leaving rabid fans of the game to speculate on what the hell the image means.

The most common theory? The blue dot represents A New Beginning‘s Roy Burns, who of course wore blue overalls and a mask with blue markings in the franchise’s fifth installment. There are currently seven playable versions of Jason in the game, so it stands to reason that the blue dot represents a forthcoming eighth addition.

Another theory? The blue dot *could* indicate that the hotly-anticipated single-player mode is arriving real soon. We already know that the mode is in the works, and though the color blue doesn’t seem to have any discernible connection to it, it is interesting that the graphic singles out ONE dot among seven others.

Or maybe it’s hinting at something else entirely. Let’s hear your theories!