[QuakeCon 2018] 'Quake Champions' Goes Free-to-Play; New 'Rage 2' Gameplay Trailer - Bloody Disgusting
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[QuakeCon 2018] ‘Quake Champions’ Goes Free-to-Play; New ‘Rage 2’ Gameplay Trailer



With QuakeCon 2018 in full swing, and with that sweet new DOOM Eternal trailer kicking our asses, Bethesda has you kicked in the other direction with a new trailer for Rage 2 and the news that Quake Champions is going free to play!

Now obviously, Bethesda isn’t going to give Quake Champions away for free entirely, mind you. According to Lead Designer Adam Pyle in an interview with IGN, you’ll gain access to standard matchmaking tools and a single Champion (being Ranger) by just downloading the game. From there, “[the game will] have a free Champion in rotation that rotates so you can sample different characters, and then at your own leisure you decide who you want to purchase and add to your roster of Champions.”

As for Rage 2, the new trailer makes the game look even more like neon-splashed Mad Max, showing off the environments, weapons and abilities, as well as the ability use your vehicle to bust up enemy convoys. Sadly, we don’t get any of the live-action footage that was shown off in the teaser.

Rage 2 is expected June 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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