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‘Paratopic: Definitive Cut’ Heads to Steam With New Enhancements



We mentioned Arbitrary Metric’s Twin Peaks-inspired retro psychological horror game Paratopic a few months back, and now the game had graduated to joining Steam with a September release with a few new tweaks.

Set for September 6th, the game (now titled Paratopic: Definitive Cut) will be available for $5.49USD (with the soundtrack by composer Chris Brown available for another $3). The game will join Steam “in an expanded and revised form”, with more details, fixes and “further liminal spaces to explore”. You can keep tabs on it prior to release on its Steam page.

Purposely designed to evoke old-school PlayStation graphics (and keeping with its “fever dream” aesthetic), the story goes that you were caught smuggling VHS tapes across the border, and now there’s hell to pay. You want to find an elusive rare bird in the forest and snap its picture. You have to kill a man in the back room of a shady diner. Cutting between numerous detailed and varied vignettes, you’ll be unraveling the stories of how three separate characters intersect.

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