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Cyanide Studio Walks Through Hour of ‘Call of Cthulhu’ Gameplay



Three weeks ago, we finally got a glimpse of the gameplay for Cyanide Studio’s adaptation of Call of Cthulhu. And now, thanks to the wonders of the internet (well, more like the devs allowing previews), we have a full hour of gameplay from the game.

Now, two things: One, this is the beta version of the game (from this past Gamescom, specifically), so things might not be final when the game finally releases on October 30th. Second, while it’s cool and all that we get this preview, we do get commentary by the devs, who are playing the game while answering questions from a chat, so those looking for a gameplay-audio only playthrough are out of luck. We also don’t get to see the questions that were asked, which is also a bummer.

Still, we do get some demonstrations of the gameplay mechanics, including those which Cyanide have been able to adapt from the board game. According to the devs, the main path will take you 12-15 hours to play through, but that’s not including all of the side quests. Then there are all of the choices you make that determine the ending, which are in turn affected by your sanity and phobias. It sounds like a lot of juggling, so hopefully come Halloween, it all comes together.

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