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From The Director of ‘The Suffering’, Infiltrate a Cult in ‘The Church in Darkness’



Fans of The Suffering should take note. Paranoid Productions’ upcoming game The Church in Darkness, which just released its alpha, has a familiar face in the form of Richard Rouse III, who was the director of The Suffering. Unlike The Suffering, The Church in Darkness isn’t about going in guns blazing, but is more akin to Metal Gear‘s stealth component.

Set in the 1970s, you must infiltrate and navigate a cult compound in South America to save your nephew. To do so, you must rely on stealth and avoid detection. You will have opportunities to get your hands dirty, but there will be consequences if you do. The story will be told largely through the compound’s PA system, which is operated by cult leaders Isaac and Rebecca Walker, as well as in-game documents.

The game is currently on, where you can also purchase a limited True Believer Special Edition copy of the game for $29.95. And I do mean limited. Currently, there are just under 800 keys left. What’s inside, you ask? Besides getting access to the Alpha preview build, you get the 28-song soundtrack and a behind-the-scenes video on the making of the game.

You can also follow the game on Steam. The Church in Darkness is due out in full next year.

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