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‘Amnesia: The Dark Descent’ To Receive New “Hard Mode” Later This Month



Chalk it up to one of those “didn’t see that coming” moments, but according to a blog post by Fractional Games, in conjunction with The Amnesia Collection hitting Xbox One later this month on September 28th, the first game will now sport a new mode.

If you didn’t think Amnesia was hard before, be prepared with its new Hard Mode. Like Soma‘s Easy Mode, this is the exact opposite. Autosaves are gone, and saving now costs you four tinderboxes. On top of that, tinderboxes and oil are much harder to come by. Monsters are now faster, do more damage and will spot you much easier than before. Oh, and your sanity dropping to zero results in death. You can pick between normal mode and Hard Mode when starting a new game, and no, you won’t be able to change halfway through.

For your efforts (and if you care about such things), you’ll be awarded a new trophy called ‘Masochist’. Do note that Hard Mode affects the ‘Illuminatus’ achievement, which you can’t get during playing in Hard Mode as it reduces the amount of tinderboxes throughout the level.

Hard Mode will launch on Xbox and PC versions simultaneously on the 28th. With the PS4 version having the new mode “out by the end of 2018”.

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