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Clips From Telltale’s Cancelled ‘Stranger Things’ Game Leak Online



With Devolver Digital vying to grab the Stranger Things license after Telltale’s collapse, one wonders just how far Telltale got with the game on their end (if they had even started). Apparently, your curiosity may be sated, as someone decided to leak some of the preliminary footage from the Telltale’s Stranger Things game (or that’s what it’s appears to be).

The leaks were posted on 4chan and Reddit, which PCGamesN kindly gathered up for everyone to see. No word on if this is legitimate or not, but the footage in question does have that Telltale exaggerated look to its models. They’re all missing that stylized shader, however.

The first clip shows Will walking down a hallway as Joyce chats with Dr. Owens on the phone, which would put Telltale’s series after season two of the show. Another clip shows Will opening up a drawer, while another shows that yes, this is the 80s with Will sitting down in front of a TRS-80.

The other two clips are a bit different, as they’re from a first-person perspective, and has the player confronting the Demogorgon.

Again, we don’t know if these are legitimate works-in-progress, but it still looks pretty cool, bug eyes and all.

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