Former Telltale Animator Posts "Alternate Ending" to 'The Walking Dead: Season One' - Bloody Disgusting
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Former Telltale Animator Posts “Alternate Ending” to ‘The Walking Dead: Season One’



Funny things come out of the woodwork when a studio closes. Yeah, there are your horror stories, but then there are those things where you find out just what the devs were doing during those crazy moments.

For Telltale, former employee Jake Rodkin has posted a video that he says is “the alternate ending to The Walking Dead Season 1”. The scene in question was cobbled together during the last week of production on Season 1, where it was Rodkin and former Telltale cinematic director Sean Ainsworth “left waiting for any last minute bugs”. Ainsworth made said video “during that stir crazy week”.

What did he make? Well, for those who haven’t played the first season, SPOILERS. The scene has Lee hanging from the sign after having already been bitten. From there, the scene goes off the rails. Words can’t (or won’t) describe just what goes on, but I’ll just say that Sean took more than a few cues from The Matrix.

Think of this as a nice send-off for a series that unfortunately will end with a cliffhanger.

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