Modder Recreates Look of 'Doom' Boxart in 'Doom' - Bloody Disgusting
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Modder Recreates Look of ‘Doom’ Boxart in ‘Doom’



You know, I’m not sure Doom programmer John Carmack even realized just what kind of funky things people would do with his beloved game when he released the source code a few years back. Aside from the endless mods, we’ve been given things like Brutal Doom, OMDO, and versions of the game on platforms that were never even intended to play the game (like your Texas Instruments calculator).

So, why not have another iteration of Doom where the guy running the other blog used a couple of different mods and a neural network to make the game look like the shading style of the game’s iconic boxart? Prepare yourself, because it gets disturbingly awesome. Using GZDoom, Thunderpeak and Smooth Doom, a neural network (and a buttload of time to render just 15 seconds), we get this:

Now, that might not be so bad, but the same guy also created Deepdream Doom.

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