New 'Resident Evil 2' Clips Reveal Mr. X, Sherry and Ada Gameplay - Bloody Disgusting
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New ‘Resident Evil 2’ Clips Reveal Mr. X, Sherry and Ada Gameplay



It seems that earlier leaks were leading up to today, as Capcom have released new gameplay footage for the Resident Evil 2 remake that shows not only shows off Ada Wong in Leon’s game, but also Sherry and Mr. X on Claire’s side!

Claire’s video opens to her trying to stop Mr. X aka Tyrant model T-003, albeit in vain. No longer does the big guy go down, as he’ll be momentarily stunned, but then resume his pursuit. And no closed doors are here to save you this time. Acid and fire rounds don’t phase him, and as you’ll see, the moments where you’re running away in a darkened room are ripe with fear. From then on, Sherry’s new section is detailed, where she must escape an orphanage that may or may not have zombie kids in it.

On to Leon’s gameplay, where you enter the gunshop as in the original game, but this time things have been reworked once again. And this time, the gunshop’s owner, Robert Kendo, isn’t so willing to buy Leon’s story. From there, Ada gets in her gameplay, and is wielding a gadget that she uses to find wiring behind concrete in order to solve a puzzle. From there, we transition to Leon again, who is down in the sewers. No alligator this time (though it’s still there). Instead, he faces off against something entirely new, and appropriately disgusting.

Enough of me gabbing. Watch the videos, already. January 25th, 2019 can’t come soon enough.

In addition to those videos, several outlets (including non-English ones) have their own gameplay videos, which feature more footage not seen in the above videos. Thanks to RelyOnHorror for spotting these!

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