EA Details First Major 'Anthem' Update - Bloody Disgusting
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EA Details First Major ‘Anthem’ Update



With EA’s Anthem launching in just a few days (and with that Neil Blomkamp trailer still fresh in our minds), the developer has revealed a little bit more about what it has in mind for the post-launch future of the title. Anthem will be supported by three “acts.”

The first act is set to go live in March, and is called “Echoes of Reality”. Echoes of Reality will be made up of three separate updates: Evolving World, Stronger Together, and The Cataclysm.

“Our ‘Evolving World’ updates will change the game to reflect the savage, dynamic environment the Freelancers call home. In-game events vary in size, from minor ripples in reality to monstrous firestorms tearing across the sky. Regardless of their size, the danger is worth the rewards.”

“As the chaos grows, more teamwork, sharper tactics, and cooperative brilliance will be required to counter the menace. Our ‘Stronger Together’ Update centers around improving social interaction and social competition between the Freelancers in the world of Anthem.”

As for The Cataclysm, “the pinnacle of challenge and aspiration for the freelancers. A deadly new Cataclysm has emerged in the jungle nation of Bastion, and the freelancers must band together to discover its mysteries, conquer mighty foes, and reap unimaginable rewards.”

Anthem is live now for folks who preordered the game, as well as for Origin Access Premier subscribers. The rest of us will have to wait for the full launch on February 22nd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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