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Latest ‘Fallout: Miami’ Update Focuses on Factions, New Animations



The newest update to the Fallout: Miami mod is here, and with it, a new trailer that shows off the mod’s progress. The trailer touches on the Nuclear Patriots and the Dreamers factions found within the mod, as well as additions to the music and graphics. Most notable are the new animations present for a new weapon in the form of a quadruple-barreled shotgun (yes, you read that right).

The video also touches on one of the more requested features that was available in Fallout: New Vegas: Faction reputation. The team are hard at work bringing that feature into the game, including new animated faction icons!

Lastly, the group are also putting out the call for those interesting in being a part of building the mod. You can check out the available positions here. Given what the team have already done to create something amazing, why not try your hand at this?

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