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‘Devil’s Tower’ Jason Mewes Vs the Zombie Apocalypse (Trailer)



Directed by Owen Tooth, Devil’s Tower arrives in the UK on Blu-ray and DVD September 15th.

We now have the trailer for the zombie apocalypse horror-comedy thats stars Jason Mewes and Roxanne Pallett.

Albion Court is the least ‘des res’ in the neighbourhood – a hangout for drug dealers, rife with squatters and two residents recently died in an apparent bizarre suicide pact. Sarah (Roxanne Pallett) has been thrown out by her abusive, alcoholic mother (Frances Ruffelle), so she moves in to the notorious block.

Determined to make the best of things Sarah tries to settle in but she is disturbed by bizarre neighbours, strange sounds coming through the paper-thin walls, creepy images on the TV and an overwhelming feeling that she is being watched. Things get a whole lot worse when a badly mutilated body is found hanging in the lift.

Sarah is now seriously petrified. More and more residents are disappearing so when the same thing happens to Sid’s (Jason Mewes) friend Paul (Jazz Lintott), he and Sarah decide to try and find out why they seem to have slipped in to a particularly gruesome episode of the Twilight Zone.

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