Frozen Face Smash: Let's Look at the "Kill Count" for 'Jason X'! - Bloody Disgusting
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Frozen Face Smash: Let’s Look at the “Kill Count” for ‘Jason X’!



This is the one where Jason killed David Cronenberg.

It’s been a pretty cool week for fans of Jason X, director James Isaac’s Friday the 13th installment that took the big guy into the future for some outer space fun. We kicked off the week with one of the film’s effects artists sharing previously unseen photos of Jason’s unmasked face from the 2001 film, and now it’s the subject of our friend James A. Janisse’s latest “Kill Count” video!

James has spent the last couple months tallying up the deaths in every installment in the Friday the 13th franchise, and the fun is almost over now that he’s up to Jason X – but don’t worry, we hear that James will next be exploring other films and franchises.

Of course, Jason X is home to one of the series’ most memorable kills, wherein Jason freezes an unlucky young woman’s face in liquid nitrogen and then slams her face to pieces against a counter top. Bless you for writing such insanity, Todd Farmer. But did the iconic frozen face smash earn James’ “Golden Chainsaw Award” for the best kill in Jason X? And which of the film’s kills is the lamest?

Watch the Jason X “Kill Count” below, along with last week’s Jason Goes to Hell video!

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