[Kill of the Week] Axe Completely Destroys Face in 'Silent Night' - Bloody Disgusting
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[Kill of the Week] Axe Completely Destroys Face in ‘Silent Night’



Every week, we spotlight a kill that we just can’t get enough of. This is Kill of the Week.

Thanksgiving has passed, the Rockefeller Center tree has been lit, and it’s officially December. You know what that means: time to start watching Christmas horror movies!

Released in 2012, director Steven C. Miller’s Silent Night was a remake of 1984’s Silent Night, Deadly Night, making the original classic only the second Christmas horror movie to find itself on the remake chopping block. If nothing more, Silent Night is a gory good time, as the film’s killer Santa punishes the naughty in exceedingly vicious ways.

The standout kill in Silent Night is likely the one wherein a topless woman is fed into a wood chipper, Fargo style, but that’s merely one of many scenes in the film that exploit the incredible practical effects work of Vincent Guastini and his team. Another standout highlight? Poor Dennis, whose head is split in two by Santa’s double-headed axe.

After impaling his girlfriend on a set of antlers (an homage to the original), “Santa” slams the axe into Dennis’ back and then drives it right between his eyes for the kill.

And this is why we love old school practical effects.