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[OMFG] 15 People Who Don’t Need Halloween Costumes!



A lot of you folks are probably still scrambling to put your Halloween Costumes together for this evening. Not me, I’m just now getting over some weird cold/jet-lag hybrid.

And not these folks either. They’re all taken care of year round*!

I can’t decide what my favorite is. Oddly, I think I’ll go with the guy who has the tattoo that makes him look like he’s got a Russian necktie. What he lacks in general freakiness or ornate design he more than makes up for with brazen Juggalo-esque misguidance.

While it’s obviously impossible to vet for photoshop – most of these seem real to me. So if you’re lacking for a last minute costume idea, feel free to take a cue from these good people!

*In the interest of not being mean-spirited, I tried to stick to people who had made a conscious choice to look outside the norm. For the few who didn’t, I limited myself to those who at least seemed like they were enjoying themselves. Hence – no carnival sideshow pictures or mocking of disease etc…

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