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[BEST & WORST ’14] Mr. Disgusting Selects the 5 Worst Horror Films of the Year

I’ve been struggling with doing a “worst” list over the past few years, mostly because it feels a bit like kicking a dog while it’s down. Not to mention, I’ve had a rough few years and the negative energy just wasn’t needed in my life.

On the eve of 2015, I’m still reflecting back on 2014 (here’s my top 10), only to find myself glued to a few films that struck me as supremely disappointing. While I don’t feel maliciously angry at any of them, I do feel they all failed us majorly, and hope to share some brief constructive criticism to that effect.

It all starts with…

Dishonorable Mention: Into the Storm (New Line Cinema)


I’m a huge fan of what Steven Quale did with New Line’s Final Destination 5. Being mentored by the great James Cameron did wonders for his ability to direct an action sequence. While FD5 is all about fun action, Into the Storm was supposed to be a serious horror film with dramatic elements – and then crazy action. Into the Storm has some incredible set pieces, and at times brought me to the edge of my seat, but overall it was a catastrophe on its own right. Everything outside the tornado madness is god awful, from the screenplay to the acting. It gets a dishonorable mention because, while not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, it’s a lesson in what NOT to do with an action-horror film.

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  • McGilli

    I started laughing when you said Paranormal – This is the FIFTH movie and they are doing the same thing over and over… That’s true…

    But as I read that I was like… F13… NOES… Halloween… Saw…. etc etc…. Many movie series stay true to their roots… So not sure why that’s a bad thing now.

  • J Jett

    what, no VHS VIRAL? lol. i have only heard horrible things about that movie. hence these reviews…

    i actually enjoyed DRACULA UNTOLD. and can someone please explain to me how INTO THE STORM was supposed to be a ” serious horror film with dramatic elements”??? i don’t know why this movie is even on this list. lastly i’ve really only heard good things about CREEP. i’m looking forward to see that movie.

    • Park

      As if they would put their own movie on the list, even if it was awful (it is).

  • Connor Biddle

    Tusk was awesome and Kevin Smith is amazing. It’s very disappointing to hear that you do not enjoy much of his work.

    • Connor Biddle

      I also feel like Ouija should be on this list, and with all the negative reviews you have it, I am very surprised that you did not put it at least on this list.

  • Cappy Tally

    On Dracula Untold:
    1) Tired period piece setting? You can’t tell the origin of Dracula in present day.
    2) So what if it’s the start of a shared universe? Its context relative to other films shouldn’t affect your feelings on the film itself.
    3) It was only 90 minutes and breezed right by. How is it bloated?
    4) How the hell do you expect Dracula to be likeable? Do you have any idea who Dracula is as a character?
    5) In what way is this Dracula generic? How many Draculas have you seen where the story showed the character’s downfall from a good man into a monster? One prologue in an overrated vanity project from 1992 doesn’t count.

    Just goes to show how detached Mr. D is from the deepest roots of the genre. Dracula Untold had its flaws, but Jesus Christ.

    • Bryant Low

      Well put Cappy Tally

  • Rob


  • I am actually sad to hear all the negativity surrounding Tusk, I was going to watch it, but not I think I’m gonna’ stay away from it, because it’s been on so many of the “Worst” lists.

    • Tusk is eccentric. It’s a horror-comedy, really. I saw it at the Drafthouse accompanied with a few drinks and found it to be a completely rewarding experience! It’s not at all what you’d expect it to be from the marketing, but equal parts shock and humor are guaranteed. I’d say watch it anyway just to witness some of the meatier bits like Michael Perk’s performance as mentioned above and the special effects.

      • Bryant Low

        I loved TUSK! Really. I think it’s extremely bold, audacious and original and the two lead performances are fantastic. Seriously. And the script is superb. It reminds me a bit of an absurdist theatre piece but one taken to extremes.

  • tbaio

    Good list. I have not seen Creep, but I’m such a fan of Baghead (same writer as Creep), I’ll have to see it on principle. Thanks for forwarding.

  • Rick-Taylor

    As Above, So Below

  • Savage8862

    I only have seen one of the films on the list; Paranormal Activity: Marked Ones. I have to agree..miserable. I can’;t comment on the other films but what I will comment on is the addition of Into the Storm as honorable mentioned. Why? Into the Storm is not a horror movie by any means. Did you think Twister was a horror movie? Dracula Untold isn’t really a horror movie either – sort of an adventure movie but to each his own. I never take these lists seriously as it is and the only opinion that matters is my own.

  • Grandma was my favorite character in PA: The Marked Ones! Even though I didn’t care much for the characters, the whole Mexican spin on culture and plot was a refreshing change of scenery. Glad they finally got the webcams and hand-helds out of suburbia! Not the worst watch all year.

  • guest

    dracula untold wasnt horror. so theres that.

  • CTHL

    I rather liked Tusk and Dracula Untold :-/ Silly me.

    The Paranormal Activity movie wasn’t all that bad… I mean, I hate it… but to me, it was the best PA to date at least (very least).

    • Chaka Gone

      I liked Dracula untold too. That guy could just sit in a film and look pretty and I would watch it……twice.

  • Kered173

    It was bad enough that you felt the need to even give a dishonorable mention to a disaster movie but to have a non-horror movie as your #1 is just ridiculous. Despite the fact that it has Dracula as it’s title character, Dracula Untold was an action adventure movie and nothing more.
    There were so many actual horror movies that were pure garbage this year that it seems odd how many of the contributors to this site felt the need to pad their lists with so much non-horror.

  • joewaters

    Good list all those films were terrible. Though making a worst of list doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing, you’re simply telling us what you didn’t like which most of us value your opinion and taste otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Hope you continue to make more

  • Collin CG

    I loved Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, and I enjoyed Tusk. And did anyone really think Leprechaun: Origins was going to be good?? Not your best article, considering YOU gave The Marked Ones a 4 out of 5 on your own site. Smh

  • Michael James

    I can’t judge on Creep or Dracula Untold but that piece of shit known as VHS Viral was definitely worse than your other selections. Grow some balls and admit it’s horrible.

  • Christensen

    Final Destination 5 was an action film? Good to know

  • Bryant Low

    …erm, so you consider TWISTER (1996) a horror film too?

  • Porty Guil

    i agree tusk was godly stupid. the first half of the movie was actually entertaining. then it all went to hell in a walrus suit

  • Scott Lee Andrews

    CREEP was my personal fav of last year…an absolute blast. Like everyone here I’m a huge horror fan and nothing got me going as much as the film. I interviewed director Patrick Brice here if you fancy a look:

  • Rob

    UGH so much is wrong with this list where do I start? Since when is Into the Storm a horror movie? That must mean Volcano, Dantes Peak, Twister, and The Day After Tomorrow are also horror movies right? PA: The Marked Ones wasn’t great but there definitely were worse horror movies released this year (The Quiet Ones, Ouija). Creep was fantastic the fact you would even put this on the list is mind boggling. Seriously, get the V/H/S Viral dick out of your mouth. Creep is a million times better than that shit. Tusk I didn’t like so I can’t question it being on the list & who honestly thought a WWE released Leprechaun would be good? Hell, that movie shouldn’t be on the list just because it’s better to pretend that movie ever happened. Dracula Untold….Not even a horror movie. Other than that great list LOL

  • ariessiren

    The marked one’s i totally agree with. Hated that film. Lazy and pointless

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    Tusk was……something. I just thought it was ok. Just how bizarre it is sufficed for at least one viewing from me. Not as bad as you were making it out to be. Thought you were MovieBob for a second with how much you slammed Kevin Smith. I thought Johnny Depp’s character was one of the best things about the movie along with Michael Park’s performance.

  • Evan3

    I really enjoyed your commentary, its refreshing to see a reviewer be so frank in calling out bad films.

  • Ace Antipolo


  • Robby

    I really enjoyed both Dracula: Untold and Tusk. I own them both now and don’t regret it. Each to his/her own, but I don’t get the hate.

  • I went back to re-read the best ofs and worst ofs, but somehow I missed your number one worst, and I’m shocked! I thought Drac was really good! I was expecting bad, but its one of my faves from that year. Otherwise, love the reviews, I’m about to watch the couple I missed from your list, thanks!

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