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Top 10 Possession/Haunting Films By WVM

If ever there was something that screams “Halloween”, it’s got to be haunted houses and demonic possessions! After all, don’t we wear costumes to channel our favorite characters? Don’t we go to haunted attractions, seeking out thrills and scares?

That’s what drove LA-based electronic artist WVM to whip up this great list of his Top 10 Possession/Haunting Films that feature some great titles! Culled from over four decades of cinema, this list has some great titles that you can definitely use for this weekend’s movie marathons.

Head on in to see the list and make sure you leave a comment with some of your favorites!

Make sure to pre-order a copy of WVM’s upcoming album Waves Of Nothing via Bandcamp.

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  • Jason Bartlett

    Where do you find these random nobodies to create these lists?

    • Brett Strohl

      They do the lists to promote whatever they’re working on. You don’t have to read them.

    • WVM

      Jason, I am an indie artist at the moment, and a huge fan of horror, just putting this list out there because I enjoy these movies a great deal. Nobody put a gun to your head to read it but I am sure you were compelled, just as you were compelled to take time out of your day and leave a comment. I made this list because I love these movies. Absolutely love them.

  • Antisocial_ism

    I would have made Emily Rose #1, and I wouldn’t even have The Shining on the list at all. It is a pile of steaming crap when compared to the book. Also, I would replace the remake of The Evil Dead with the far superior original.
    Otherwise, a good list.

    • LokiFX

      If you like The Exorcism of Emily Rose, watch the German film Requiem. Both Requiem and Emily Rose are based on the possession of Anneliese Michel, which happened in the 1970s in Germany.

      • Antisocial_ism

        I will definitely check it out. Thanks.

  • Just saw The Canal; surprisingly effective posessionflic
    I mis Session 9 in this list.

  • Brian D. Warmbrod

    Outstanding, completely fantastic. I was remember scenes and quotes from every one of them…!

  • ProdaG

    What about Amityville II:The Possession? Always forgot to mentioned it… It’s one of the Best Possession Movie, after The Exorcist.

    • LokiFX

      Amityville II was awful. The way the possessed guy acted was just a rip off of the Exorcist. Distorted appearance, mocking the priest who’s trying to exorcise the demon. The biggest rip off was the priest asking the demon to leave the guy and possess the priest. Sound familiar?…another from Exorcist.
      Director Tommy Lee Wallace is a great guy, but this movie was shit from beginning to end. The most attention it gets is due to the teen guy wanting to get a piece of ass from his sister.

  • Antanya St John

    Great list! It brought back lots of memories. Poltergeist is still my favorite haunting film.

  • LokiFX

    The flash image trailer for The Exorcist isn’t really rare, since it’s one of the bonus features on the blurays and the 25th Anniversary dvd released back in 1998.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m glad there’s another person out there who likes The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

  • Ethan

    YES! Recognition for Emily Rose! Is it to the point where we can finally call that gem a cult classic?

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