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‘Friday the 13th’ is Moving Forward With a New Origin Story…and Pamela Voorhees!

Freddy vs Jason via New Line

At long last there’s movement on the resurrection of the Friday the 13th franchise, which has been in development hell since Paramount nabbed the rights from Warner Bros. in exchange for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

Skipping the lengthy backstory, the latest is that producers Platinum Dunes have been waiting on a first draft from Prisoners scribe Aaron Guzikowski, which was due this month. This would dictate the next steps in bringing Jason Voorhees back to theaters.

Since they were starting from square one, all variables were unknown, except that it wouldn’t be found-footage.

Now that Platinum Dunes is sending TMNT 2 into theaters next month, they can focus on reopening Camp Crystal Lake…and this starts with the screenplay.

It’s all good news as Platinum Dunes’ Brad Fuller has not only confirmed that a script has been delivered, but also that they’re moving forward with it, reports The Reel Word.

“Aaron’s story has great characters,” Fuller explained before revealing that they’re going to try and really understand Jason’s motivations. “You kind of have to understand Jason Voorhees, so we go back and we kind of started over and work our way forward.”

When asked for clarity on the next Friday the 13th being an origin story, Fuller dropped two bombs: “Origin-ish, but it’s an origin that no one has seen before. Obviously Pamela’s there, but it’s a little bit different from what you’ve seen before.”

You read that correctly. Jason’s mother, Pamela, is going to make some sort of appearance in the new incarnation that’s still seeking a director.

What sort of new take could Guzikowski be attempting, especially if Pamela is involved? (I’m still dying to know more about Jason’s father…)

As of this writing the plan is for Jason to return on Friday, January 13, 2017.

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  • Michael Voorhees

    Another Origin story?Smh

  • Francesco Falciani

    origin? i’m in

  • Braker

    Starting to sound a bit like the new Leatherface.

    • pablitonizer

      I was just thinking the same thing…and I don’t like it

  • Halloween_Vic

    Ehh I don’t like the sound of an ”Origin” story… I mean I kinda don’t want to know why Jason does what he does we kind of already know why and I think that makes him special, leave it at that. But I’m stoked that we finally have movement on this and the next Halloween film. I wonder what they want to do considering an ”origin-ish” story. I actually would prefer to have Jason’s father in this and not so much his mother. Either way I’m happy we may have the 2 biggest Slasher icons in theaters next year.

    • Max

      I agree with the father thing.
      Maybe also an explanation on why he is deformed.
      I mean,they got a writer that wrote fucking Prisoners so i imagine he won’t let some important details get left out(goes with the pedigre).
      I mean paint me fucking intrigued,i would love to see in which direction they take this movie.

      • Angela M Campany

        Me too !

      • Halloween_Vic

        Yea maybe because Pamela slept with her brother or a close relative and that’s why he’s deformed. Idk but I think a stab with his father involved might be intriguing, but I just don’t like the whole origin thing. Kinda takes away from the creepiness that is Jason.

        • Max

          Well they did say origin-ish.
          Maybe they do the whole Deadpool thing where the backstory is scattered throughout.
          Oh,i would love to see that.

          • Halloween_Vic

            Yea maybe that can work, Idk just has to be done right in that case.

          • Max

            Yeah…i hope it does.
            We deserve to see something out of the franchise that lives up to it’s potential.

          • Halloween_Vic

            I agree Max. What would you like to see or what direction?

          • Max

            Well i’m not entirely sure.
            I kinda want them to think of something original. Something i wouldn’t think of.
            But if we are already talking about this,i guess i would want to see things that we didn’t,but i also think they should keep it minimalistic.
            For example,the father element.
            It doesn’t have to be Halloween remake and expand on Jason’s childhood as much as the whole half of the movie.
            If the sceene is gripping it could be 5 minutes,or even less.
            I guess the most important will be the kills. While i don’t need gory kills for a slasher movie to work for me(example:Halloween H20),this is a Friday the 13th movie.
            I would like to see someone getting their head cut off with a circular saw and than thrown to dogs. I want it to have so much weight that it makes squirm and sick. But most of all,something more creative than 2009 reboot.
            To get back on the origin story.
            Maybe we should get a hint of how he got deformed. I mean,we don’t need it to be a focus,but something better than 8th’s explanation that he is deformed because he drowned(and than FvJ having to fix it,while making another stupid shit up,like he is afraid of the water) would be nice. Also,maybe a shot of how he drowned.
            He doesn’t need to be a focus of the scene. Make councelors a focus,so that(when he starts drowning and camera pans to it to see his mother running to his dead corpse) it has some weight.
            Though like i said,i would like to see scattered story telling over the linear. I feel like it would make it stand out,and if done properly,it could be the best instalement. If not,i will settle for 6 still being the king.

            Sorry if i dragged on for too long.
            Anyways,what would be your idea?

          • Halloween_Vic

            It’s cool you didn’t drag I was hoping for a real honest response lol. I would like it to not have to much ”origin” involved. I mean I definitely am interested in who his father was, and why he’s not around and is he aware of the legend that has become his son. I would like to know if Jason really drowned? And if he did how was he resurrected? But not something that drags throughout the whole film maybe enough just to answer those questions but have us wanting more. Honestly I would like for the film to revolve around Camp Crystal lake being re opened, and have actual camp counselors. Of course being a Friday The 13th film I would like some unique kills, maybe like having Jason use his machete to chop his victims arms and legs off while still having them alive and then throwing them into a wood shredder. I don’t know if I want his mother attached to this one because we know her story, but definitely I would like to know more about his father.

          • Max

            I completly agree.
            Like i said,we don’t need half of a movie being an origin story.
            If it’s good,than it shouldn’t drag on for an hour or a whole movie.
            And i agree with the mother thing.
            I mean they can throw her in for like a few scenes,but like you said,we already know her story(besides,i don’t think any actress could pull of the masterful preformance of late Betsy Palmer).
            But like i said,the whole “origin-ish” thing that they said has me hyped.
            If they have the balls to take the story in a bit of a different direction,i aplaude it.
            We need a bit of a breath of fresh air in the genre that got so stale that ghost movies/found footage movies are beating it.

          • Halloween_Vic

            I agree man, I’m so sick of these ghost/paranormal or demonic/possession films with the exception of ”The Conjuring” and the first ”Insidious” those I really liked everything else is just the same recycled shit. My first slasher film was Halloween when I was 6 years old (I’m 25 now) which is what made me a Horror fan. I really want the Slasher genre to come back man I miss those days. I remember 1996-2003 were the years of slashers man. We had the Scream films, I know what you did last summer, Urban Legend, Valentine, Halloween H20&Resurrection, Jason X, Freddy Vs Jason, Texas chainsaw massacre remake etc….. I hope the release of the new ”Halloween” and ”Friday The 13th” next year brings back the slasher genre I mean who better to bring it back then the 2 best horror slasher icons in history. And I agree honestly no one can fit in Betsy Palmer’s role as Jason’s mother, that’s why I rather them just include his father if they go that route since we’ve never had an actor in his role.

  • Creepshow

    Jason will NOT be returning on Friday, January 13, 2017.

    • Stan Below

      They will canceled this movie.

    • Angela M Campany

      Yea that date will not stick !

    • BlubberNugget

      This movie is never getting made….

  • Khy

    Still a bunch of nothing. Call me when this actually begins casting or filming.

  • Simon Allen

    Sounds kind of interesting ….at least they are trying something new which in my humble opinion is no bad thing .
    I’d rather a new concept than the same old rehash and if this fails miserably at least they can go back to doing what’s been done umpteen times before .

  • Christian

    Okay… I’ll believe it when we get the first trailer.

  • Bob Marshall

    Well given Paramount have to get thus movie made I think this is finally it. From the sounds of it (at least to me) it seems like we will get flashbacks to Jason’s past, scenes with him and Pamela. I would put money on it containing the drowning scene and the events surrounding it. Which really we’ve only ever really had it hinted at.

    • James

      I wonder if they’ll clear up the issue with him not dying but the mother seemingly not knowing he was still alive after all of those years.

  • Grandpa Fred

    These morons are idiots and I wish someone else owned the property.

  • Jerome Radosh

    If they are going to show Jason as a kid running around with his mother and killing those who she felt wronged her. Then show that Jason saw his mother get killed. Then we already saw that last bit in the Freddy vs. Jason film. But I guess we could have a whole film of that. I feel this is what it will be. Because of the top of my head I can’t think of another motivation for Jason that makes much sense.

  • LastCubScout

    Just hurry up! I miss the days when “Friday the 13th” was the “Saw” or “Paranormal Activity” of its time. Just every year / year-and-a-half of a steady conveyor belt of nubile teens to be trucked into the forest and slaughtered.

    • Angela M Campany

      Yes, those days were awesome ….they need to be again !

  • Ed Toribio

    If I could make this movie I’d make it a prequel, in a sence the first Friday Film was Pamela’s story. But I’d like to go deeper to when before Jason drowned. And all the madness began. With no one knowing that it is Pamela, then diving in to the first Film…
    but that is just me. I’d make for an awesome story

  • The Heatmiser

    I like my idea of how it all came to be: In the 1940’s, the government brought a group of doctors and scientists together for a
    secret experiment to genetically create a new breed of soldier that
    could withstand serious injuries and extreme conditions. To a
    degree, they were successful, however the children born were severely
    deformed and mentally challenged. Most were stillborn or died shortly after birth. At
    some point the government decided to scrap the experiments as they were deemed unethical. One doctor refused to give up though, and returned to
    his small private doctor and gynecology practice in suburban New Jersey and quietly continued his
    experiments. During a routine exam, he artificially inseminated a young, mentally troubled
    patient by the name of Pamela Voorhees. She never questioned her
    virginal pregnancy and simply wrote it off as a miracle – a gift from
    god. She gave birth to the child she named Jason. But Jason, unlike all
    the other children born of the experiment lived. After his supposed
    drowning and the death of his mother, he grew up to be the killing machine which he was bred to be. The government was very aware of his existence, observed with great interest from afar, but refused to get involved for fear of their attempts to play god being revealed.

    • Angela M Campany

      Awesome idea at that time the Government was always mettling with some new conquest and this makes a whole lot of sense…..You should have wne t to some one with this great plot ! Mrs. Vorhees always kind of had that baffling virgin Mary pregnancy feel to her i thought to as well ! Truth be known Elias Vorhees may have been of incest to Pamela or something and very could be along the lines of Norma Bates was with her brother (Dylan being there child )on the AMC series ! I like your idea it covers a lot of the bases that we didn’t know existed ! Great stuff !!!

  • diapers

    Well, this is good news for me, was digging on some 50’s vibe period piece action. And no zombie Jason. What do you bet Pamela will start out as a reefer smokin’ jazz music fan before this shit hits the fan?

  • BeekNoEvil

    I like what i’m hearing about more Mrs. Voorhees. I honestly would take a full on murder mystery like the original to launch a new series. She was always more frightening than Jason.

    • Angela M Campany

      To be fair Jason was pretty dang scary in Part 2 hun !

      • mav07

        True, but that was sack head Jason. I should have been more clear. Hockey mask Jason was never scary. Cool, but not scary.

  • Max

    I like the idea.
    Perhaps we could get something about Jason’s father too this time?

  • the usual suspect

    Another Origin Story with Platinum Dune Yippee! The last remake they did has the first four movies in the first ten minutes. .. Just leave it at that, we all know his origin. What’s so hard about giving the fans just a good quality F 13th story… geez

  • MadCows

    I don’t know how I feel about this. I will reserve any judgement for when I see it.

    • Angela M Campany

      “I will reserve any judgement for when I see it”

      That would be the best thing to do 🙂 !!

      I want to see what this script will bring to the table and how it translates to the big screen !

  • Jackieboy

    I’ll be skipping this one.

    • Michael Voorhees

      I’ll give it a chance,but what’s so hard about having Jason killing everyone in sight?

  • Daniel Anderson

    I don’t mind remakes or reboots if they really put effort into it. However this guy talks like he’s wanting to do a lot of them, which is good. However this typically means there will be a lot of story telling involved to beef up the movies that follow, and if he’s not selected for the future releases that could really shatter the premise of the film and potentially make it go the way of most remakes/reboots these days and we’ll see another reboot/remake of this story in a few years.

  • Jacob

    If it fixes errors like Jason still being alive yet not contacting his mother even though she believes he drowned when there was no body,

    It’s cool with me. That’s the kind of thing this film needs to be. There’s a lot of potential and plot points from the original series that could be redone and added onto.

    The issue with the last remake is that it was more of the same with no creativity. We can’t have that and we can’t have just another rehash of Jason stabbing wasted teens.

    Let’s bring in actual characters, an actual narrative, and some actual direction – who says crazy kills can’t be scary? Look at Suspiria – that’s what this film needs to look like. A return to its giallo routes that Part 2 more or less took a lot of inspiration from.

  • Maxime C

    Good way to get early hate ! That’s all the franchise needs…

  • WOLF

    Didn’t John Carpenter just say you shouldn’t go overboard with explanations? Anyway, I bet we are getting Jason running around killing as he normally does. I don’t think we should read too much into what Fuller said.

  • Hockey Machete

    This all sounds well but what I want to know most is if we can have Derek Mears back as Jason. After all, he had all the best points of all the previous Jason actors while keeping the role his own and it’d be a shame not to have him return.

    • J Jett

      Hockyey Machete, i agree Derek was awesome! also i really think they should have Harry Manfredini score the movie.

      • Hockey Machete

        My thoughts exactly. To hell with Steve Jablonsky’s score.

  • El_Fez

    Really, how fucking hard is this?

    Scene 1: A group of teenagers – the Jock, the Slut, the Stoner, the Jokster and The Mousey Virgin – show up in the woods

    Scene 2: Teenagers having sex and smoking dope. Oh, and Creepy “Youre all DOOOMED” guy shows up.

    Scene 3: Jason shows up and murders the fuck out everyone in creative and interesting ways.

    Scene 4: The Mousy Virgin kills Jason

    Scene 5: Jump Ending and close up on Jason as his eye opens/hand twiches.

    Roll Credits.

  • Vader the White

    “You kind of have to understand Jason Voorhees…”
    He’s not that complex. He sees someone in their teens or older and he violently murders them in increasingly creative ways.
    Just actually make the damn movie this time.

    • Angela M Campany

      “Just actually make the damn movie this time.”

      That i could get behind !

  • Lesnarsaurus Rex

    They’re going to fuck up Jason’s mom. I can sense it.

  • WOLF

    They allowed Jason to drown. They chopped off his mother’s head. We don’t need more motivation. Is an abusive father going to help us understand Jason and Pamela? The more you add to it, the weaker it becomes. We better not see another white trash family scene like in the Halloween remake. And don’t explain his strength/immortality. It didn’t help Michael. It didn’t help Darth Vader. Hannibal. Etc etc.

    • Angela M Campany

      “We better not see another white trash family scene like in the Halloween remake ”

      Yea that felt some slimy to have to set through and predictable ! The broken childhood,the Psycho father/stepfather etc. !!

  • J Jett

    i think we have the upcoming HALLOWEEN movie to thank for this movement of the F13 film. i assume the Pamela scenes will be like Mrs. V’s delusion scenes in F13 Part 2.

    • DarkBree

      Yes to Derek Mears and Harry Manfredini!!

  • KSE1977

    Yes that worked and was received so well when Rob Zombie went that route 🙂

  • Agarcia

    Here we go again. Who cares what motivates Jason. That’s what makes him scary. Don’t humanize him. He’s Jaws in the forest. I don’t need to know his backstory. How hard is it to make this movie?

    • Erik McHatton

      He has a pretty rich origin story already that exists within the canon. I’m not sure what else needs to be said. He was an unusual child who’s mother clung too tight. He drowned. He revived at some point and lived in the woods until his mother returned to camp and started killing campers. He hid because she was scaring him and when she died his mind was broken. He took his revenge on the girl that took his mother from him after he spotted her returning to the camp to confront her demons. Followed her back to town where she was staying and killed her. He found catharsis from his rage in killing and when some camp counselors came calling to his woods his rage was reignited and his never ending crusade of revenge began. That’s a pretty in depth backstory already. What are they gonna talk about? His childhood? Growing up in the woods by himself for 22 years? I don’t see how an entire movie could be interesting while telling his backstory. It would work better as flashbacks within the film not as a film unto itself.

  • AphroditeBoy

    First of all – you guys complaining about this being an origin story on the basis of Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ are missing a fundamental difference – Jason is an actual character; Michael was originally meant to be only a symbol or “Shape” of fear. Jason’s story has always been the motive for murder in the series, and his creation can be credited to both of his natural-born condition and the external factors he was exposed to. He was born physically deformed, probably mute, and with a type of mental retardation. He was neglected and shunned by his community, and the only person (we know) who showed him any sort of affection was his mother, a woman who was both violent and deranged. In fact, her “love” may have been a form of abuse.

    Michael originally came from a middle class white family that lived in the suburbs. His mask is ghost-white because he’s supposed to represents the faceless majority – he could be anyone, and that’s the point. Anyone could turn out to be a Michael – even the very people who live around you.

    Not just anyone could turn out to be Jason.

    Michael invades his victims homes. Jason attacks those who trespass on his turf.

    Arguably, Jason is driven by more human motives than Michael, who was originally meant to have no motive at all. Jason wants revenge for what was taken from him, and he hold anyone who isn’t his mother responsible. Why? Because he was a victim himself, rejected by everyone who wasn’t Pamela.

    While it’s hard to sympathize with any version of Michael, even when his backstory is changed, Jason has always been a little boy who wants his mommy at heart. We can sympathize with the inner child within Jason, because we recognize what he’s lost.

    Overall, knowing more about Jason’s childhood won’t take away from who he is and what he represents – it will only add to his humanity, which is nothing new to the series. Even as early as Part II, it’s been proven that you can reach out to the inner humanity in Jason and he will respond, if you can trick him into mistaking you for his mother that is. Sure, he’s become a mostly silent, undead, senseless killing machine, that’s traveled from NY, to space, to hell, but Jason still started out as a little boy who drowned in a lake when he counsellors weren’t looking.

    TL;DR – Jason was always the first victim of Friday the 13th. Michael wasn’t made into a victim until Zombie rewrite history to victimize him nearly two decades later.

  • Byron Dunbar

    I think the point people are missing with the Rob Zombie Halloween comparisons is that a criticism of Zombie’s films is that Michael Myers was basically Jason in them.

    What doesn’t work for Michael won’t necessarily not work for Jason. It’s true that they’re similar characters in that they’re both silent, masked killers. But Michael was always the motiveless shape in the dark. While from Jason’s first appearance, he was always this disturbed, bullied child with mommy issues. I think Zombie’s Halloween films would have been far better received if they’d featured the Jason character in place of Myers for that reason. Not to mention Michael’s backwoods horror aesthetic and the level savagery in Zombie’s films.

    I’m not saying this will be a good movie, it’s Platinum Dunes, and in my opinion, they only made one decent horror movie back in 2003. But at the same time, I think it’s short-sighted to say “Bah, character development is bad,” just because it wasn’t appropriate for Michael Myers. They’re not the same character.

    • Overton Green

      I have been saying this for five years. The mistake was Zombie doing Halloween. If he had done F13 and done all his backstory, trailer park, white trash silliness with that franchise it would have been lauded as the greatest thing since P&J. The reason is the F13 franchise has always embraced those elements within the franchise.

  • Jason’s disciple

    Two words for you Kane Hodder!

    • James

      I believe you meant to say Derek Mears

      • Jason’s disciple

        No I meant the one and the only Mr.Kane Hodder aka the absolute king of Friday the13th what can I say the man still got it don’t hate!

        • James

          Oh I don’t hate I just was never a big fan of his versions aside from looking awesome in the 7th.

      • Grandpa Fred

        Just because Derek Mears is big, imposing, and can’t act doesn’t mean he was a good Jason.

        • James

          That’s very true. He just made a great Jason.

          • Grandpa Fred

    • Stan Below

      I already told you: we are not going to cast him.

  • DarkBree

    I don’t know how I fell about this, only that I hope this won’t turn into another Zombie’s Halloween. But if done right, Friday the 13th has a rich mythology and many unaswered questions, maybe they can bring something to the table that can make this mythology richer. Let´s see!!

  • caca

    Elias Voorhees anyone?

  • gabriel

    Prisoners felt like a horror movie more than most of these other so called horror movies lately. This Friday the 13th is going to be done right. I can feel it in my bones

  • lgb

    Oh god not again. How hard is it to make a Friday sequel?We know the origin story, not only did we all see the original, it’s how you opened the last movie. We don’t need a prequel, we need Jason in a woods with a dozen teenagers dying. This isn’t that hard

    • turk

      Yeah, this sounds like a huge let down to me. Besides, aren’t we already getting this with the new TCM movie? So, looking forward to this movie until I read this. Obviously, huge fan that I am, I’ll watch it. But my hopes are largely dashed.

    • Halloween_Vic


  • turk

    It could have been worse, I suppose. Remember when they were leaning found footage?

  • Francesco Falciani

    u really guys want a movie like the 12 movies before…the same movie again?. we had the 2009 remake already. i’m ok with something fresh …Jason need to reborn. and see a young Jason would be finally new.

    • shawn lawson

      Yes. Thats what we want.

  • jsmoltz29

    You don’t need MORE motivation! This is what Zombie fucked up about Halloween! If they insist on continuing to make F13 movies then they need to focus on the three simple things that the audience wants. Blood, tits, and the hockey mask. Thats IT.

  • steadymobb

    The last one was so boring. ugh

  • Francesco Falciani

    i’m wondering who will be the director…’cause ORIGIN is a dangerous place…only a good director could make it different and good….and yes Rob Zombie halloween was bad enough, H2 was far better! and if i’m not wrong also TCM Begins was bad enough!

  • Overton Green

    Ahhh killer motivations…… Giving iconic, and loved movie serial killers motivation and backstory has worked so well up to this point right? I can only imagine people will totally love this since it went over so well with TCM:The Beginning, Halloween Remake, NMOES remake…..


  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Trying to re-invent the wheel. Over-thinking one of horror’s most simplistic characters. Giving the fans what they want is just not on the table with these guys. Paramount……… get this out of the hands of Platinum Dunes.

  • Halloween_Vic

    Give me Jason, in the woods with a newly re-opened camp crystal lake with actual camp counselors and kids. Give him a huge bloody machete and let him do his thing BAMMM!!!! All this origin shit I feel is gonna take away from what makes him scary.

  • Michael Brown

    You can count me out from watching this garbage. I would say, how can you screw up TMNT cause the story is totally set out for you but they managed to do that all over again with a sequel… A sequel that even had the original villians but same trash. So now they want to do the same for a great horror series. Stop rebooting good movies into garbage. I understand your writers have no imagination and unable to come up with a fresh idea, that maybe not totally new but something all your own… an original piece. Most reboots lately stink like last week’s pee stain but you don’t care if it’s done right, you are Hollywood, after all. You never did, so why expect that to ever change. It’s pretty sad that fan fiction videos are better than the big dollar movies from Hollywood. I think you guys/girls need to step back for a little and remind yourselves on why you wanted to create movies and write the stories in the first place. I just feel that you are lacking in the places that matter, just to make a few extra dollars in the box office. We are fans for a reason. Don’t make us your enemy and never watch a movie that you create ever again.

  • AndyT

    Stop remaking everything. Make something original that audiences haven’t seen before. That’s why these remakes suck. Make it original, stop copying what’s been done before, give reason for a scene, and enough with the jump scares–they’re annoying, not scary.

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