‘Night of the Creeps’ DVD Loaded with Extra Features

One of the most underrated horror films of the 80′s is Fred Deker’s Night of the Creeps, which follows a group of teenagers fighting against alien brain parasites that enter humans through the mouth and turn their host into a killing zombie. A brand new transfer of the film screened at the Alamo Draft House in Austin, Texas, where AICN was on hand to host. The big news is that writer-director Fred Dekker hinted that he might have written down some ideas for a potential sequel, while Quint was able to piece together the following extra features for the forthcoming DVD release (Blu-ray too, please?).
- Release date is October 20th, 2009

- Sixty Minutes of Behind the Scenes featurettes:

- “Birth of Creeps” featuring Dekker talking about the origins of the project

- “Cast of the Creeps” featuring Jason Lively, Tom Atkins, Steve Marshall and Jill Whitlow

- “Creating The Creeps” featuring interviews with SFX creators David B. Miller and Robert Kurtzman

- A special Tom Atkins centric piece called “Tom Atkins: Man of Action”

- “Escape of the Creeps” a detailed look at the post-production.

- Deleted scenes

- Fred Dekker solo commentary

- Cast commentary featuring Atkins, Whitlow, Marshall and Lively

- The original theatrical ending

- And footage from tonight’s Cast and Crew reunion screening at the Alamo Drafthouse.

BLU-RAY, I want my mother effin’ BLU-RAY!

Source: AICN