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Will ‘Saw VII 3D’ Carry the Moniker ‘Endgame’ & Conclude the Franchise?

While Lionsgate, Twisted Pictures and all the various people being the Saw franchise have confirmed plans for an eight film, a new interview with screenwriter Patrick Melton (Saw IV-VII) reveals that due to the lackluster numbers Saw VII 3D could be the end of Jigsaw — and retitled to carry the moniker “Endgame”. Did Paranormal Activity literally kill Jigsaw? Only time will tell. Read on for the story and talk below.
I mean, I think it’s going to end with Saw VII,” Melton tells Demon FMI have a very strong feeling its going to end with Saw VII. That’s something we’re debating now. You saw in previous interviews or discussions where we thought Saw VIII would be the last one where we had the first trilogy and the second trilogy and then sort of a grand finale wrapped up in two films. But frankly because Saw VI hasn’t performed as well as we anticipated, the idea is well why make two movies when we can make one really excellent movie that wraps up as best we can? And it’s going to be in 3-D which sort of adds to the spectacle. So if you had to ask me, I don’t own the franchise, nor do I run the studio, but I have a feeling, a strong feeling that it’s going to be Saw VII which will be also known as Endgame. And nothing’s official yet, but that’s where we’re hoping things will go.

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