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Kristen Bell Teases new ‘Scream IV’ Twist



Actress Kristen Bell doesn’t ruin anything regarding her role in Scream IV, but she does tease a new twist to rack our brains around. “I am in the movie, I will say that. I don’t know if I can say much more than that but it’s a really, really fun movie and everyone loves it as much as they did the first one,” she tells Parade distancing herself from the rumor that her fate is similar to that of Drew Barrymore’s in the first flick. ““It doesn’t go down like you think it does. But it was fun doing it, that’s what I’ll say. I loved being a part of the movie.” Anna Paquin (“True Blood”) was announced alongside Bell for a cameo, so one must wonder if the two are connected. Your thoughts? Scream IV arrives in theaters April 15.
Kristen Bell


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