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Hitchcock Inspired ‘Teens on a Train’ to Shoot in 2011

Slingshot Productions and BBC Films are co-developing a teen thriller partly inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Strangers On a Train. Tentatively titled Teens On a Train, Slingshot’s hoping to shoot in 2011. Joshua St Johnston, creator of BBC fashion drama “Material Girl,” is the writer. The project takes Patricia Highsmith’s novel, filmed by Hitchcock, as its inception: two strangers meet on a train and agree to murder the person who’s making the other person’s life a misery. In Slingshot’s version boy meets girl, girl turns out to be raving psychopath… The idea developed out of a teen Hitchcock scriptwriting competition that Slingshot ran in 2007. An interesting note was that Slingshot watched last week’s ruling by a New York judge that 2007’s Disturbia was not a direct steal from Rear Window with interest. I’m no lawyer, but what blows my mind is that in these press releases they’re literally acknowledging that they’re taking someone’s story and making it their own — how is that not copyright infringement?



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