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Update: Mandate’s ‘Cineplex’ Killer Comes to Life

Update: This long gestured project from literally years ago is from Jake Wade Wall. Originally set up at Universal under the title ‘Anguish’, inside you’ll find a synopsis. Pajiba, a site that’s struggles with accuracy, is reporting that Mandate Pictures (The Grudge, Drag Me to Hell, The Strangers) is developing Cineplex, a movie based on a pitch envisioning the horror movie as the next Scream. It’s about a group of teens watching a horror movie who are taken by surprise when the villain of the film attacks them in real life. Sounds like the exact same plot as Jack Messitt’s Midnight Movie, no? Either way, it’s a fun premise I think I’d enjoy as a big budget fare.
This gruesome horror film is about a mother-fixated ophthalmologist’s assistant with an unhealthy interest in eyeballs and goes on a killing spree to collect human eyeballs for his mother’s collection. But this is all just a horror movie viewed by a small crowd where a very real killer in the audience begins killing the patrons one by one paralleling the action in the other movie.



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