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Guillermo Del Toro’s Hard Decision: Giant Monsters or Giant Aliens

Update: Reports are flying in that Uni killed ‘Mountains’ late last week over the R-rating controversy. Word has it that ‘Rim’ is next for del Toro. Boo.

What an odd morning… it began with news that Guillermo Del Toro was shooting At the Mountains of Madness this June to producer Don Murphy retracting his statement, and myself learning that the project might have actually fallen apart (please no!) There might be a reason….and a resolution.

Deadline is reporting that Legendary Pictures is moving fast on a project del Toro likes called Pacific Rim, a Travis Beacham-scripted PG-13 tent pole-sized project with big monsters and the creation of a new world. Warner Bros. Pictures would distribute.

It could very well be del Toro’s next, with the Mexican director tackling At the Mountains of Madness at a later time. The thing is, will the project still be around come that time? Universal has already expressed concern for the mega-budgeted R-rated H.P. Lovecraft adaptation that would be produced by James Cameron.

If you were del Toro, would you choose to direct giant monsters in Pacific Rim or giant aliens in Mountains of Madness?



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