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Random Cool: Custom Made ‘Alien’ Motorcycle, Jason Bateman Reenacts ‘Teen Wolf Too’ & More

Some of you may get a kick out of the below video that features Jason Bateman and Jimmy Fallon doing a reenactment of Teen Wolf Too, the 1987 sequel to the Michael J. Fox coming-of-age horror comedy in which Bateman starred. “Here comes the quality.

Website Geekologie posted a pretty rad series of photos that, while at first was a no-brainer, eventually had be reconsidering whether or not I’d take it for a spin. Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn, the 54-year old proprietor of Thailand’s four Ko Art Shops (that specialize in custom scrap metal creations), went and built himself a tetanus-laden Alien motorcycle. It look pretty effin’ cool, yet I don’t think I’d ever show my face in public riding it… you? Images inside.

Lastly, those of you in Los Angeles clear your Saturday for a tribute to the films by Fred Dekker: Night of the Creeps and Monster Squad. The event is simply called Monster Creeps will debut this Saturday, August 6th @ Dark Delicacies, starting @ 8pm! Dekker will also be appearing. There will be both an art show and screening of Monster Squad, alongside a signing session. Click the link above for full details.



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